Headphone Disco

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania's #1 DJ

R U Rockin' With The Best?!

Headphone Disco are the biggest 'silent party' people around performing their unique
'TwoDeejaySuperShow' to enthusiastic crowds around the world.
Each show involves arming guests with their own set of wireless two-channel headphones,
switching off the sound-system and having two DJs spin two completely different sets side by side from
Headphone Disco's visually enhanced stage set-up.

Two DJs.
Two styles of music. Both at the same time.

So how does it work?

Call it a silent disco, call it a headphone party or call it whatever you want,
either way it's a truly unforgettable experience.
Headphone Disco's 'TwoDeeJaySuperShow' is a unique, surreal and hugely enjoyable experience that's been rocking high schools, colleges,
and club circuit since 2007.
From London to Lisbon and Moscow to Montreal the reaction to this silent party sensation has been immense as party people embrace one of the most talked about and freshest of dance party experiences.
Contact us about bringing the show to your venue/school.

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